Special machine for application of metallized and metallic pastes

H&H laboratory machine for Great Britain  

A very interesting application machine for use in a laboratory was recently delivered to our sales partner for the United Kingdom, CoMac Machinery in Essex. Cost reduction in laboratory operation under production conditions with simultaneous production of more variants and samples was the core objective of the system design.

It is a TH300 special machine without heating for the application of metallized and metallic pastes in the field of catalysts and surface refinement.

The machine has two separate drives with reversal of rotation for the application of the pastes. This enables the customer to achieve very low application quantities in the µ-strength range of 3 - 5 grams per m², but can also achieve application weights of over 150 grams per m².

The design of the entire plant allows the customer to test even the smallest quantities and to produce very small samples under conditions close to production.

This plant from H&H Klebetechnologie is equipped with:

  • Infeed belt
  • Infrared heating station for curing the substrates
  • Outfeed belt
  • Support table for quick mounting on the pressure roller arm
  • All modules on our proven FlexRack roll racks with docking station
  • Control via graphic interfaces with remote maintenance via OPC-UA

The application system can not only be used in the laboratory, but also in production. Thus the customer can react flexibly at any time.

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