Technical center for adhesive application

Efficient in-house adhesive technology development


Accurate research and creative development – tailored precisely to your application

The innovative H&H technical center is our high-performance in-house research and development department for industrial adhesive application. Big enough to simulate all application cases and materials and small enough to adapt flexibly and quickly to your individual requirements.

The technical center comes into play if our standard machine portfolio does not meet your requirement profile. Our adhesive technology experts develop a solution that satisfies even the highest of standards together with you.

We come up with creative ideas, design, screw, drill, test, and measure until your machine meets the highest standards of quality and extremely sparing and precise adhesive application is guaranteed. Workpiece by workpiece, day by day.

Find out in the following about the wealth of advantages offered by our technical center. You will quickly discover that using the technical center is the most efficient way to improve quality, reduce costs, and save time.

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Our technical center - your advantages

Realistic simulation of complex application processes

Even highly complex application cases such as the application of adhesive onto very absorbent materials can be simulated absolutely realistically in our technical center. This enables the determination of valuable findings before the machine is actually produced as well as the achievement of optimal results in the development of new, highly efficient adhesive application machines.

Cost and material savings

Using the in-house technical center also benefits you in terms of costs! The systems and machines developed together with you save material and energy thanks to optimized adhesive application. The extremely high quality of the machines additionally reduces the need for consumables and subsequent maintenance and replacement part costs during operation.

Extensive time gain in system development

Efficient machine and system development on site: no lengthy coordination between the involved teams, no unnecessary waiting for materials to become available and be shipped, immediately usable test results that are integrated directly into development... Customers love our technical center.

Quality through expert know-how

As a customer, you benefit from our highly specialized know-how in the field of industrial adhesive technology and over 50 years of industry experience. This ensures the avoidance of incorrect developments, which are often costly and time-consuming, and enables the implementation of industry-leading, high-quality adhesive technology systems.
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We love challenges – take us at our word!

Nothing spurs our machine constructors, technicians, and specialist engineers on more than complex, tricky application cases that appear unsolvable at first glance...

We offer you extensive technical competence, bite, and passion as well as a wealth of team spirit for the joint conceptualization, development, and realization of your individual adhesive application system.

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