Innovative adhesive technology with tradition.


H&H through the ages – from shoemaker to adhesive technology expert.


The first business ideas were conceived in shoemaker Josef Hausdorf's family-managed shoe store in Gnadenfrei, Silesia. Here, customers were already being offered a full service: professional advice, sales, and repair. Efforts to achieve rationalization were made early on, and professional tools were produced.

Josef Hausdorf (the father of the company's founders Heinz and Horst Hausdorf) established his first registered undertaking: »Hausdorf Schuhmaschinenbau«. This subsequently became HARDO Maschinenbau GmbH, which exclusively sold the H&H adhesive application machines as a trading partner up to 2019.

While HARDO GmbH, the company managed by Walter Hausdorf, our founders' brother, established itself in the field of shoe and orthopedic technology, Horst and Heinz Hausdorf concentrated on the development and production of shoe presses, shoe polishing machines for hotels, and adhesive application machines for the shoe industry with their company H&H Hausdorf from 1965.

Their roller application technology revolutionized the adhesive application market. As adhesive technology was becoming ever more important in industry and research, H&H Hausdorf (subsequently H&H Maschinenbau GmbH) went on to cover an increasing number of application and topic areas and specialized in adhesive application as well as the upstream and downstream processes.

Walter Hausdorf took over the sale of the machines as a trading partner under the name HARDO.

H&H Maschinenbau was certified for the first time as an ÖKOPROFIT company within the Minden-Lübbecke region. This certification is renewed each year and is still maintained to date.


The company was growing and the workforce was slowly approaching the 50 employee mark. A new floor was built for design engineering.

In the spring of 2017, the management and the design department moved into their new facilities, equipped with the latest, sustainable technology.


In 2019, the H&H Maschinenbau GmbH management underwent restructuring and shifted its focus to the direct B2B business. The "HH Klebetechnologie" brand adapted to the product and service portfolio was introduced.

Communication with customers became more direct and precise, and all customers benefit from direct access to the in-house technical center and the H&H specialists' decades of adhesive technology know-how.


With now around 60 employees and many ongoing projects, also in areas other than pure adhesive bonding technology, the management is repositioning itself. The business areas are distributed over several shoulders. The company now operates with three managing directors.

Also in 2023, the former trading partner HARDO Maschinenbau GmbH is wound up. The suction and orthopedic technology division is taken over by an investor. For customers with HARDO adhesive application machines, H&H Klebetechnologie will remain the sole and proven supplier of original spare parts and services.

Competence and passion for adhesive bonding. With family tradition.

Founded over 50 years ago by the brothers Heinz and Horst Hausdorf, H&H Maschinenbau has evolved into an internationally successful medium-sized company in Porta Westphalia. In the future, the family-owned company will be managed by Bettina and Michael Hausdorf, the founders' children.
In 2011, the third generation in the form of Toni Hausdorf joined the family-owned company. 
From 2019 to 2022, Jörg Haubrock will take over the management from Bettina Hausdorf in order to devote himself to other professional fields.

Nina Hausdorf and Clas-Ole Widderich take over the management in 2023. Together with Michael Hausdorf, the trio now manages the fortunes of H&H Maschinenbau GmbH. Toni Hausdorf is responsible for the Technical Division as Operations Manager.

Various adhesive application systems form the basis for the machine and system technology. Both standard machines with an application width from 150 mm to 2,100 mm and special machines with deviating application widths are designed and manufactured.

We cover the entire production process, from the initial idea and conception to the finished production system at the customer's premises. Thanks to our decades of industry know-how, short decision paths, and an extraordinarily high degree of in-house production, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly even to complex customer requirements.

To do this, we develop solutions for an adhesive coating process that is economically efficient and ecologically sustainable in our in-house technical center in cooperation with our customers. This is also demonstrated by our continuous ÖKOPROFIT certification by, and awards from, the Minden-Lübbecke region since 2009.

Beschichtungs eines Werkstückes | H&H Klebetechnologie

In a nutshell: as a customer, you obtain optimized project support, from the initial idea and conception up to production, installation, and maintenance for your system from a single source. As well as saving time and reducing stress and costs.

H&H Klebetechnologie – as varied as your applications.

Außenansicht | H&H Klebetechnologie


Close partnership for efficient production

  • Joint system development to meet your requirements
  • Direct communication with H&H, the designer and producer of your machine
  • Immediate service availability when needed
  • Quick support
  • Highly-efficient adhesive support with roller application technology
  • Fast system readiness even following a malfunction

Technology that can be implemented across industries thanks to continuous optimization

Production is currently focused on machines for hotmelt application, adhesive premelting systems, lamination and winding technology, and increasingly individual special machines for coating various products.

As customer requirements change, focus is increasingly shifting to systems engineering for solving individual, specific production steps. New aspects that have to be taken into account constantly arise depending on the materials and adhesives to be processed and the process conditions.

Our customers are located around the globe in diverse industrial sectors such as the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical technology
  • Abrasive production
  • Glass industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Sports equipment production
  • Construction material industry
  • Timber and furniture industry

Inhouse-Technikum zur Forschung & Entwikclung | H&H Klebetechnologie

Our technical center

At our in-house technical center,

we develop optimal solutions for an efficient adhesive coating process together with you - even when complex requirements and materials are involved!

Service und Support vom Team Konstruktion | H&H Klebetechnologie

Service and support

We offer you competent, quick full-service and comprehensive support from a single source.

Consulting, training, maintenance, replacement part delivery, and repair - wherever you need support.

Oekoprofit-Zertifikat | H&H Klebetechnologie


ÖKOPROFIT-certified? Naturally!

H&H Klebetechnologie has been constantly certified as an ÖKOPROFIT company by the Minden-Lübbecke region since 2009. Sustainable environmental and resource protection have traditionally been close to our hearts – long before the current discussion concerning climate change emerged.

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