Hotmelt coating stands for material on reels

Coating systems for coating workpieces with hotmelts


Our hotmelt coating stands – the compact solution for narrow material on reels

Coat whatever you want! Whether aluminum strips or Velcro tape. Whether papers or foam materials....

Our coating stands (model series 26) for industrial coating of workpieces with hotmelts are the ideal solution for a self-contained, compact production unit for material on reels.

Coating stands for web widths up to an application width of 1,020 mm can be implemented as standard. All pre- and post-treatment processes familiar from other systems can also be implemented within the coating stand as with a modular system.

Talk to us! Together, we will compile the modules most suitable for your application. Creative. Efficient. And reliable.

We bring a breath of fresh air to your project!

Advantages of H & H coating stands

Everything in one unit

The coating stand is equivalent to a complete production line in a compact unit. And should it ever prove necessary, it can still be extended. That's how easy it is!

Space-saving design

The coating stand integrates all of the processes necessary for producing your product in a compact unit. Nevertheless, it takes up no more space than is absolutely necessary.

One connection for everything

Less is more! Our coating stands have only one compressed air connection and one power connection. That saves resources and energy. And monitoring? That's included, of course!

Good accessibility

You don't want any tripping hazards? You won't find any disturbing supply lines to various machines here. Quick and barrier-free access to the coating stand from the operator side is ensured for monitoring.

Overview of coating stands

Hotmelt coating stand BST 150
B26   TH 150 Beschichtungsstand

This B26 is equipped with an application unit for hotmelt. Besides light barrier-controlled access control, this coating stand is fitted with defect detection, a laminating station, and diameter sensing to ensure that the material on the unwinder or winder is exchanged in good time.

Technical data

  • Coating stand TH 150
  • Application unit supplied via premelter
  • Laminating station
  • Defect detection
  • Diameter sensing
  • Weight approx. 1,700 kg
  • Rated output 4 kW

  • Overall brochure coating stands (German)
  • Overall brochure coating stands (English)
  • Overall brochure coating stands (Czech)
  • Hotmelt coating stand BST 300 DA
    Beschichtungsstand DA


    This B26 is equipped with two application units. To enable fast switching between pressure-sensitive adhesive (EVA) and reactive adhesive (PUR), an application unit for each type of adhesive has been installed in this system. One of them can be used for coating in each case.

    Besides web edge control and corona pre-treatment for the material to be coated, the system is equipped with a cutting station with length measurement downstream of the laminating station. This means that the reel on one of the two unwinders can always be cut to precisely the right length.

    Technical data

    • Double system TH 300 (EVA and PUR)
    • Corona unit
    • Web edge control
    • Application units each supplied via a separate premelter
    • Laminating station
    • Cutting station upstream of the winders
    • Two winders
    • Weight approx. 2,600 kg
    • Rated output 13 kW


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