Machines for coating processes, premelters, coating stands and material conveying systems


Industry-leading adhesive technology for mechanical adhesive bonding – precise, efficient, reliable.

We manufacture adhesive application systems for industrial bonding. These basically consist of a premelter and an application machine. All components can be combined to form complete systems but are also available separately, of course.

Our standard range includes systems that are optimized for processing thermoplastic hotmelts as well as PUR / POR hotmelts with an application width from 25 to 2,100 mm.

Are you looking for individual solutions that go beyond the standard? No problem...

We are open to your wishes and willing to face the challenge of developing ideal solutions for your specific production processes. We design and manufacture individual adhesive application machines and coating systems for various adhesives and application methods.

New requirements constantly arise depending on the materials and adhesives to be processed and the process conditions. First-class, sustainable quality and cost efficiency always form the focus of joint process development.

We are also happy to support you in designing and developing your adhesive technology process from the initial idea to the finished coating system. We look forward to your inquiry!


Our high-performance and flexibly adaptable adhesive technology with pressure-sensitive and other hotmelts, reactive adhesives (PUR), glues, and dispersions is found in more industries, products, and industrial companies than you might think, because adhesive bonding is one of the current key technologies in industrial production.

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Klebstoffauftragsystem TH650 | H&H Klebetechnologie

Adhesive application systems

Our highly efficient adhesive application machines are manufactured using state-of-the-art scraper technology, meaning that the machines are equipped with a specially developed adhesive application roller and two scrapers. The liquid hotmelt adhesive is ideally dosed and distributed precisely and sparingly over the entire width of the rotating application roller.
Vorschmelzer ZB320QV2 | H&H Klebetechnologie


The application machine is automatically supplied with liquid hot melt by using a premelter such as a granulate premelter or a PUR premelter. Various accessories are available for both variants.
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Coating stands

Diverse web materials (e.g. various films, aluminum strips, woven material) with a wide range of dimensions can be processed on our coating stands.
Transportstrecke | H&H Klebetechnologie

Transport conveyors

Our transport conveyors systems are used to feed material to the hotmelt application machine and round off the complete adhesive application system. The function and dimensions of the transport conveyors are individually adapted to the materials to be transported.

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