HH Klebetechnologie at Bondexpo 2020

The Bondexpo 2020 exhibitor advisory board has agreed with the exhibition organizer to postpone this year's 14th Bondexpo until 2021.

This is a rational decision based on reason and a sense of responsibility, and we support the decision!
This joint decision to postpone Bondexpo 2020 underscores a concern, foresight and consideration for the interests of exhibitors and trade visitors alike.

Bondexpo 2021, the trade fair for the world of adhesion technology, is eagerly awaited since industrial users need practical, efficient automation solutions, especially in difficult economic times.
We are therefore now focused on thorough preparations for our appearance at Bondexpo 2021.

The next Bondexpo will take place in Stuttgart between 5 and 8 October 2021.

Bondexpo Virtuell 2020 has been created, so that customers don’t need to wait until then.

This new digital market place allows interested parties worldwide to benefit from concrete, comprehensive opportunities to use Bondexpo’s unique range of solutions in a networked, structured, 24-hour presentation.

We at HH-Klebetechnologie are also present with a showroom, which we will expand on a continuous basis. Come visit us!

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