Meet the Team - Today: Heiko Hüttemann

Welcome to our new blog post series 'Meet the Team'!

With this series, we would like to give you an insight into our dynamic team and introduce the people behind it. We rely on each and every one of our employees. They are the driving force that enables us to constantly grow and implement new ideas.

Each of them is unique and brings new impulses, so that there is no routine. We've come up with three questions that each of our employees answers - so you can get to know their background! Ready to Meet the Team? Let's go!

Today, three questions go to: Heiko Hüttemann Heiko Hüttemann, industrial mechanic in our machine assembly department

H&H: Heiko, what are your main areas of expertise?
Heiko: My main tasks are the assembly of subassemblies and machines, commissioning on our premises and at the customer's, and the repair and maintenance of old machines. Three typical activities in my daily work are for example:

  • the assembly of a machine according to drawings
  • the inspection of an old machine and preparation of a cost estimate or
  • assembling subassemblies for spare parts orders.

H&H: What are some good reasons for choosing H&H as an employer?

Heiko: The varied work, short service routes and nice supervisors and colleagues.

H&H: What do you do in your free time?

Heiko: My hobbies are model making and mountain biking.

Meet the Team: We are H&H Klebetechnologie!

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