What actually is the H&H Technikum ?

The technical center is our in-house research and development department for industrial adhesive application. Here, our application engineers are the specialists and first point of contact for the customer.

What are the advantages of our technical center for our customers?

  • Realistic simulation of complex application processes: Even highly complex application cases - such as adhesive application to highly absorbent materials - can be mapped absolutely realistically. Based on these findings, we develop highly efficient adhesive application machines.
  • Time savings in system development: Machine and system development on our premises means that there are no long coordination times between the teams involved, no unnecessary waiting for material availability and dispatch, and test results can flow directly into development ...
  • Cost and material savings: The developed systems and machines save material and energy through optimized adhesive application. In addition, the extremely high machine quality reduces the need for consumables and subsequent maintenance and spare parts during operation.
  • Quality through expert know-how: With our highly specialized know-how in all aspects of industrial adhesive bonding technology and more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we realize industry-leading, high-quality adhesive bonding technology systems - without expensive and time-consuming misdevelopments.
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