Networking live: Visit to SM Klebetechnik Vertriebs GmbH

Shortly before the end of last year, we visited SM Klebetechnik-Vertriebs GmbH in Heinsberg. H&H Klebetechnologie has been working in partnership with SM Klebetechnik - as well as with other specialists - for a long time.


We now had another great opportunity to discuss projects, partnerships and the potential synergies between the two companies.


The day began with a very warm welcome from René Schog, Matthias Commerscheidt and the SM-Klebetechnik team. We had intensive discussions about joint projects, challenges and, of course, the future of our collaboration. Together we had very constructive discussions about challenges, projects and, of course, the future. It is always refreshing to talk to creative minds in companies, to learn and to exchange innovative ideas.


One of the highlights of the visit was the tour of the production facilities. It is very fascinating to experience the production process up close and to see the dedication that goes into every "SM-Klebetechnik" product.


We are excited about the prospects arising from this collaboration and look forward to working together on innovative solutions.

Many thanks to the SM-Klebetechnik team for their hospitality and open discussions.

v.l.n.r: Matthias Commerscheidt (SM), Soeren Müller (H&H) Clas-Ole Widderich (H&H) Henning Gresmeier (H&H) Philipp Schaper (H&H) René Schog (SM)

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