Apprentice Luca Wassmann taken on

This is a double reason for us to be happy:

Our former apprentice Luca Wassmann has successfully passed his exam to become a mechatronics technician in mechanical and plant engineering.

And because we didn't want to let Luca go, we took him on directly and now have a "new" employee.

Luca is not only a competent specialist, but also a team player and is always ready to lend a hand and support his colleagues. His friendliness and sense of humor make him a real asset to our team.

So far, we have been able to take on almost all of our trainees as employees - an important contribution to securing skilled workers.

Our trainees are familiar with the company processes, their colleagues and the company values. This creates reliability on both sides.

We are also pleased about the fresh ideas and perspectives that they bring to the company with their newly acquired skills and current knowledge.

Luca, we are delighted to have you as part of our team and look forward to many more successful projects together!

Picture from left to right: Toni Hausdorf, plant manager, Luca Wassmann, mechatronics technician in machine and plant engineering, Clas-Ole Widderich, Head of Sales

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