New! H&H service badge available now

From now on, every new H&H machine or repaired HARDO machine with H&H technology will receive the new service sticker from H&H Klebetechnologie.  The sticker is attached by service personnel and facilitates customer and manufacturer monitoring of service intervals.

At the same time, the sticker - as added value for the customer and, for example, the employers' liability insurance association - shows not only the maintenance interval but also the scope of the work (including UVV) and the performance of certified maintenance by the manufacturer or by certified service staff from H&H Klebetechnologie.

As part of the service, all machines such as adhesive application machines, premelters or hotmelt coating stands are checked and any necessary overhauls are carried out if required to ensure the productivity and safety of the H&H machine in the long term.

The advantages:

  •     Increase in plant safety and productivity
  •     Efficient consulting to optimize the production environment
  •     Facilitated proof of service intervals
  •     Facilitated proof of service during audits by the supervisory authority

In the near future, there will also be special maintenance or service contracts for machines and systems from H&H Adhesive Bonding Technology - we will inform you about this promptly in our blog. Take advantage of this opportunity for convenient and cost-saving maintenance of your H&H machinery.

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