Commissioning of the B03 adhesive application system - delivery and training at H.B. Fuller

Convenient, safe and powerful

With the new B03 | TH400V37 PU Lab adhesive application system from H&H Klebetechnologie, we have provided our partner, the adhesive manufacturer H&H KlebetechnologieH.B. Fuller Deutschland GmbH, with a modern and powerful system for use in their in-house technical centre.

The system is based on the stripping technology for hotmelt and enables the use of a wide variety of adhesives - including reactive hotmelt adhesives - for the most diverse applications in the field of adhesive application. Among other things, these adhesives can be applied to the substrate with the machine:

  • Hotmelts

  • Adhesive

  • Dispersions

  • Hot glues

  • Cold glues

  • PA Plastics
PUR adhesives

  • POR adhesives

The adhesive application machine has a 400 mm application width - a common size in the laboratories of adhesive manufacturers to coat the various substrate samples with different adhesives for trials.

H&H Klebetechnologie was able to complete the delivery, commissioning and training of the roller applicator B03 | TH400V37 PU Lab quickly and smoothly.

The introduction by our application engineers on site covered both the functions of the machine and the variable application possibilities. Now nothing stands in the way of efficient and safe operation.

Our service team is of course still available to all users in the H.B. Fuller laboratory with competent help for questions and problems.

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